“I see opportunity in the mess!”

I can't even begin to tell you what a difference your insight has already made in our house and lifestyle.  Every time I look around I see opportunity in the mess, now that I'm equipped with my new skills!  Thank you for blessing our home with your love and creative ideas.

— T. V.

“I learned how to fold everything from jeans to panties!” 

I had such a good experience with Kristin! She was very considerate of my feelings and we were able to downsize my wardrobe. And I learned to fold and organize everything from jeans to panties!!!!

— K.P.M

“Extremely patient and nonjudgmental.”

Kristin was extremely patient and nonjudgmental as she helped us organize our home.  She helped me realize which things I truly valued and which ones had served their purpose and could be safely retired.

— N.L.

“I cannot recommend her enough.”

What I loved about working with Kristin was how creative and personal she was with both my belongings and my lifestyle. She takes the KonMari Method and really caters it to each client so they feel equipped and excited to live life the way they want to. I cannot recommend her enough if you want to discover the secret but missing ingredient to a more organized and happy life. I honestly smile every time I pull out my sock drawers now! 

— M.L.

“I could not have accomplished anything without your energy and enthusiasm! Many thanks.”

— S. J.